Ask Vee Harro and Kei

Letter to a Friend pt3

P1: Once everything had finally calmed down I invited everyone into the living room for some drinks and snacks. -Vee

P2: You’re messing with me right. -Glassmaker

No, I’m not Mister Glassmaker. Vee wanted Kei to make a dress for her mom as a welcome home take dad with you gift, this dress was for your wife not Vee. -Harro

Oh, I really need to apologize to Kei about the mix up. -Glassmaker

P3: Hold it right there! We need to talk -Vee

P4: Alright listen and listen REAL good. I’m going on that date with Elder and he is happy to know I said yes. But I don’t want you anywhere near the dating spot, got it! -Vee

P5: B-b-ut how? When? Why? N-n- -Glassmaker