Ask Vee Harro and Kei

Letter to a friend Pt.3 -Final


P1-5: After dealing with my dad, well mostly thanks to my mom for dragging him to the kitchen after he froze up. She then said that I could hang with my friends in peace and once done we should go to Ponyville and just hang there for abit and help out with her louge she has at the inn she is going to stay in. *sigh* Love them but can be a handful at times, I am glad to have great friends who have great patience in ponies like them, Harro just laughs after all the chaos my folks bring heh. He reminds me so much of you, you felt fear when it came to my dad, but you did the one thing he wanted to see, now he fears, an respects you. I wonder if he is trying to find whatever it was he saw in you in others.

P6: *groan* -???


P1: I could go and make sure she is still sane, if you want.- ??

P2: Heh, no its alright, we both agreed and I don’t want to lose her cause I sent a ghost to spy on her. -???

P3: Then you don’t mind if I borrow your ghost then.- !!??

What!?- ???

P4- I don’t care what happens so long as she is safe. !!??

( Yay!!!! Got this done today and it was a two page update, Phew~ now to just focus on what is going on with the giraffes and Genderbend~ I hope you guys enjoyed the Letter To A Friend~ and I hope to introduce you guys fully to the friend, ghost, and mister pony soon~ Mod out -Mod